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Self-knowledge is the key ingredient in successful entrepreneurship. Molecular Biomarkers conferences aim to bring together all existing and promising bio entrepreneurs to share capabilities and present new novelties and challenges in biomarker community. Over a million companies are started in the world each year, in which about 5–10 of them are classified into high technology companies. All the Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are majorly involved in the biomarkers production. Whirling ideas into business ventures is complex and the opportunity appreciation step is critical in new project creation. This idea in the entrepreneur's perception of the association between the invention and final product is converted into a business prototype that describes how the venture generate revenue or provide an suitable yield to the prospective investors. Clinical Research on biomarkers is multifaceted and rapidly expanding and requires an expert knowledge to comprehend the value of the advances and its competitive situation in the industry. Even though scientists are stereotypically the founders of biotech companies, studies indicate that the most effective start-ups are founded by a team which often has two to three individuals with mixed backgrounds like clinical research and Clinical Data Management along with considerable industry experience and a very strong market and product focus at establishment. 

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